Moore & Hunt Attorneys PLLC

For almost three decades the focus of Moore & Hunt has been family law for all families. This includes family formation (through adoption and assisted reproduction), marriage or relationship dissolution, estate planning and probate.

Founding partner Connie Moore helped more than 800 people adopt children during her 30-year career. She worked with parents who were separating or transitioning with a goal of coming to a mutually beneficial agreement for themselves and any children involved, primarily using the collaborative family law process. Ms. Moore lost her battle with ovarian cancer in August 2015. 

Founding Partner Debra Hunt worked primarily with individuals, same-sex couples, married and nonmarried couples on estate planning, putting documents in place for unexpected events and making sure that each person's rights were protected in the event of disability or death. Her representation also extended into probate and guardianship matters where she guided clients through those procedures. In the last few years of her career she also worked in the area of family formation for those clients using assisted reproduction technology and surrogacy. Ms. Hunt retired from the practice in May 2017.

Together Connie & Debbie represented thousands of clients with a primary goal of assuring that sexual orientation and gender identification were not a detterant to effective legal representation and outcomes. They leave a legacy of quality legal assistance that continues to inspire the community they served.